Code of Conduct

I agree to participate to build a positive and interactive environment by my actions and to respect the dignity of all fellow members. I will not use any actions or words that cause any fellow member to think or feel that they are less gifted and capable than others. I will strive by my actions to create an environment where members feel free to explore new ideas and thoughts and stay connected to the inherent joy of expressing themselves and sharing.

I agree not to post information and images that could put me at risk, embarrass me, or damage my future, such as inappropriate messages, pictures and videos. I will not post anything rude, offensive, or threatening, send or forward images and information that might embarrass, hurt, or annoy someone, take anyone's personal information and use it to damage his or her reputation.

I sign this pledge with all good intentions, I will always strive to use good netiquette to ensure that I stay true.