Get Set Go - Experts' Profile

Mani Ramachandran

A nature lover and adventure junkie, Mani has over 30 years in outdoors. He is a trained mountaineer who has completed several mountaineering and rock climbing expeditions. Member of Tiger Census between 1987 to 2002, Mani also loves Trekking, Bird Watching and Wildlife. He has conducted several camps for children on Rock Climbing, Trekking, Bird Watching, Star Gazing and Wild Life.

Dinesh Thosar

A man who loves the outdoors, Dinesh has been doing outdoor activities for more than 25 years. He has participated in various Rock Climbing and Himalayan expeditions. Also enjoys Bird watching and wild life.

Sanket Shirgaonkar

A Young achiever, Sanket started Star Gazing at the age of 10 years under the tutelage of his father. He has conducted over 25 Star Gazing camps in the last five years and is a preferred guide for all the Star Gazing Programs conducted by Nature Lovers in Mumbai. Also enjoys trekking and bird watching.

Gul H. Gulrajani

A professional photographer with over 50 years of experience in Corporate & Industrial, Fashion & Glamour, Studio Portraits, Architecture, Travel, Wildlife & Nature and Video documentaries. He also runs a School of Photography called ‘Photo Technics’ to teach and share his rich experience & knowledge to people who wish to learn the aesthetics & technical aspects of photography.

Laksha Gulrajani

Laksha is a Creative Digital Imaging Professional with over 12 years of hands on experience and a very strong technical background in Digital imaging, retouching and Adobe Photoshop. She conducts classes & training in Adobe Photoshop for amateur and professional photographers at basic and advanced levels.

V.Nithyanandan Ex- Airforce

Been in sports during entire service carrier. Represented Western Air Command , South Western Air Command and Eastern Air Command in sports like Football , Basketball ,Cycling and Cricket. Passionate about trekking and outdoor activities like fishing, Rappelling and camping. Part of the the Organizers in Chennai Trekking Club. Experienced in organising trekking activities since 2004 and has been with CTC since 2010.