Our Hiflier column will feature the success stories of students who have done extraordinarily well in their after school activities. We will be featuring the interviews with these students.....covering their route to success and also their experiences and tips to other students.....and Oh ....these interviews have been done by members of our team of volunteers....this column will feature the hiflier interviews for one week after which they will be moved to the 'hall of fame'!!!....

Hiflier of the week

Lawn Tennis.

Name: Anthony Savio

Areas of Excellence: Lawn Tennis

Class: 10th,Delhi Public School Bangalore.

Interviewed By:

Name: Madhulika Krishnaswamy

Class: 12th, Delhi Public School Bangalore.

Anthony has shared his exciting journey in the field of Sports for all of you @ Scooldudes.
Describe your field of excellence
Lawn Tennis
How long have you been playing?
Been playing since I was a kid..i seriously started 2 years back.
Is there any scope for it in India?
Not really!
What motivated you to pursue tennis?
I was forced to play so that I could loose weight.
Who was the first to recognize your talent?
Dhyan Uthappa
Do you practice daily? How many hours?
Yes I practice daily/ I practice for 6 hours.
How do you manage your studies and passion?
Whenever I’m in town,I’m at tuition. So my studies is taken care of!
Who is your source of inspiration?
Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic
Who is your role model? Why?
My role model is Novak Djokovic. He is a great person,both on and off the court. And also,for his sense of humour.
What are your favorite…
TV show-Family Guy,Simpsons
Food-McDonald stuff.
What are the moments you consider unforgettable in your life?
When I won my first tournament. It was in Bangalore,I was 14.
Your motto?
To always Believe.
Thank you Anthony!
The team @ Scooldudes wishes his all the very best for his future endeavors.