Our Hiflier column will feature the success stories of students who have done extraordinarily well in their after school activities. We will be featuring the interviews with these students.....covering their route to success and also their experiences and tips to other students.....and Oh ....these interviews have been done by members of our team of volunteers....this column will feature the hiflier interviews for one week after which they will be moved to the 'hall of fame'!!!....

Hiflier of the week

Carnatic Musician.

Name: Athira

Areas of Excellence: Carnatic Musician - Violin.

Interviewed By:

Name: Annapoorni Barani

Class: 9th B, Vidyodaya Matriculation Academy, Chennai.

She has shared her exciting journey in the field of Music for all of you @ Scooldudes.
Describe your field of excellence
I am a national and international level skating champion. I do roller skating and ice skating. In roller skating, I focus on speed and inline skating and In ice skating I focus on short-track speed skating.
For how many years have you been learning?
I have been learning for over 10 years.
Is there any scope for skating in India?

Yes of course. Skating is part of the Olympics and it has tremendous scope both within and outside India.
Who was the first to recognize your talent in skating?
My Parents.
How do you juggle your time between studies and your passion?
It is very hard. But I have no otherchoice.My dad accompanies me for my national and international tournaments and my mom ensures that I do well in my studies too.
Who is your role model?
The great American OLYMPIC gold medalist DEREK PARRAH.
What is your ambition in life?
I want to be a doctor like my mother and win a gold medal in skating in the Olympics.
What are the unforgettable moments in your life?
When I won the SWISS INLINE CUP held at Switzerland.
What is your greatest fear?
When I am on the starting line before any race.
What is your definition of happiness?
Looking at my parents’ face with the winning trophy in hand.
How do you recover from your failures?
Whenever I lose, there is this burning fire inside me that motivates me to try harder.
Thank you Athira!
The team @ Scooldudes wishes her all the very best for her future endeavors.