Our Hiflier column will feature the success stories of students who have done extraordinarily well in their after school activities. We will be featuring the interviews with these students.....covering their route to success and also their experiences and tips to other students.....and Oh ....these interviews have been done by members of our team of volunteers....this column will feature the hiflier interviews for one week after which they will be moved to the 'hall of fame'!!!....

Hiflier of the week

India's youngest entrepreneurs - Developing Mobile Applications - Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran

Name: Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran

Areas of Excellence: Developing Mobile Applications

Class: Shravan is in class 9 and Sanjay in class 7 at the Vael's Billabong International High School in Chennai

Shravan Kumaran and his younger sibling Sanjay Kumaran are perhaps India's youngest entrepreneurs. Shravan, 14, is the president and Sanjay, 12, is the CEO of Go Dimensions, an app development unit that they founded two years ago from their bedroom in their home in Chennai.

In the past two years, the two have developed eleven apps that are available on the Apple App Store and Google's Android Play Store. The apps have received over 35,000 downloads. Their first app –‘Catch me Cop’ on the Apple App Store -- was released last year and was a hit. That was a game where a con escapes prison and a wide hunt is launched for him. There are chases through a desert, beach and a maze.

They shared their exciting journey in the world of apps and entrepreneurship for all of you @ Scooldudes.
Describe your field of excellence
Shravan - Mobile application programming is our field of excellence.
Sanjay - Graphics, designing, ideas & making applications
Who was the first to recognize your talent in Mobile Application?
Shravan - Our Dad, spotted our talent when we were really young, he observed that we were able to learn computer (programming) quite easily.
Sanjay - We picked up programming very quickly when our Dad started to teach it to us and we picked up Mobile programming by ourselves.
Tell us about “Go Dimensions”. How was it started?
Shravan - After we developed our First App for the market, we decided to release it in our Company name rather than our names. We always wanted to have our own company.
Sanjay - I wanted to name my company GO & Shravan wanted to name Dimensions, we decided to name it GoDimensions later we also found to our joy the first 3 letters is GOD :)
What motivated you to choose this field?
Shravan - Dad & Mom at home, Steve jobs & Bill Gates from the filed
Sanjay - Dad & Mom, Steve jobs & Bill Gates from the filed
How did you prepare yourself for Go Dimensions project?
Shravan - We come up with different ideas and we both discuss them, we see which of these ideas interests us both and then start working on it.
Sanjay - We do lot of projects for learning, experimenting but when it comes to release we need to have some solid idea which we put lot of effort to build.
How do you juggle your time between studies and your passion?
Shravan & Sanjay - We have a set routine :), we spend about 1:30 for studies after we come back from school, then we play for an hour then we work on computer for about an hour
Who is your role model?
Shravan - Bill Gates ( He is an American business magnate, investor, programmer, inventor and philanthropist)
Sanjay - Steve Jobs (He is an American entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor, who was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc)
What is your ambition in life?
Shravan & Sanjay - Is to make our company one of the most Valued companies Globally
What are the unforgettable moments in your life?
Shravan - When seeing our app live in App Store and when people downloaded them
Sanjay - When we met Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, ex President of India & Korea's Prime Minister Jung Hong Won
Unlike many students who spend their time watching cartoons and playing computer games, you are thoroughly engaged in Developing Mobile Application. Do you ever feel you are not enjoying life?
Shravan - We do see lot of movies & have fun, we spend only a set time for this and do everything else like all kids
Sanjay - I love cartoons and watch Doremon, I don't think I am missing anything we are having fun with what we are doing
How do you recover from your failures?
Shravan & Sanjay - We have instances when we have a tough problem to solve, at times it is frustrating, we don't give up, we let it go for a while put our mind on something else. We come back with a fresh perspective and try to solve the problem. We feel really happy when we sort it out.
What are your other interests?
Shravan - Cricket, Skate boarding, Singing
Sanjay - Cricket, Chess, Swimming, playing Xbox (waiting for the new release on Nov.22 :), we are getting Day one edition)
Thank you Shravan & Sanjay!.
The team @ Scooldudes wishes all the very best for their future endeavors.