Our Hiflier column will feature the success stories of students who have done extraordinarily well in their after school activities. We will be featuring the interviews with these students.....covering their route to success and also their experiences and tips to other students.....and Oh ....these interviews have been done by members of our team of volunteers....this column will feature the hiflier interviews for one week after which they will be moved to the 'hall of fame'!!!....

Hiflier of the week


Name: Siddharth Nagarajan

Areas of Excellence: Percussionist - Drummer

Class:8th, Jubilee Hills Public School, Hydrabad.

Interviewed By:

Name: Navneeth JK

Class: 10th,Jubilee Hills Public School,Hydrabad.

He has shared his exciting journey in the field of Music for all of you @ Scooldudes.
Describe your field of excellence
I am a Percussionist - Drummer.
Hey Siddharth. This is Navneeth.
hi Navneeth.
So now I’LL ask a few questions is that fine?
So Siddharth describe your field of excellence?
Well I happen to be a drummer or you can call me percussionist .I have been playing for a decade now.
Wow, So Siddharth Are Going to take this up as a profession?
Definitely, as each and everyone is this world loves music I will love to interest them.
Who or What motivated you Siddharth to take drumming up?
It was always my dad who is a rhythm programmer who always motivated me. I have been to many of his performance during my childhood.
So, Who was the first person to recognize your talent?
Well it was my parents.
So since when did you start playing?
I started playing since I was 2and a half years old and that became a record And then I did my basic notations and stuff.
So how much time do you spend daily on this?
Well its not exactly like that. just go to the soundproof room in my house whaen I want to practice. Creativity just does not come like that.
How do you balance between Studies and drumming?
Well usually my mom, sets up a timetable for me to study And I follow it.
Oh I see...
So who is your role model?
Well it happens to be Mike Potnoy.
Well Siddharth what are your favorites?
Well I love a lot of songs and my favorite movie happens to be August Rush and my favorite sport happens to be football.
So what are your unforgettable events?
Well that was when I played for our ex President Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM on his birthday.
Great, So I have heard you’ve had a record in the limca book of records. What is it?
Oh there were 2 of them. One for the youngest drummer and also the youngest musician to record for a film.
What is the secret of success according to you?
Well it is practice, hard work, concentration and creativity.
Oh great So what is your general advice to students?
Well all I want to tell them is to find out their hidden talent and mistakes are common to happen so don’t get affected by them.
Ok Siddharth that was great interview. Hope to catch up with you later. Bye
The team @ Scooldudes wishes his all the very best for his future endeavors.