Our Hiflier column will feature the success stories of students who have done extraordinarily well in their after school activities. We will be featuring the interviews with these students.....covering their route to success and also their experiences and tips to other students.....and Oh ....these interviews have been done by members of our team of volunteers....this column will feature the hiflier interviews for one week after which they will be moved to the 'hall of fame'!!!....

Hiflier of the week

Carnatic Musician.


Areas of Excellence: National Player - JUDO.

Class: 9th B, Munjibhai goemka higher secondary school, Chennai

Interviewed By:

Name: Annapoorni Barani

Class: 9th B, Vidyodaya Matriculation Academy, Chennai.

She has shared her exciting journey in the field of Sports for all of you @ Scooldudes.
Describe your field of excellence
I am a national player in JUDO. It is a gentle game. It’s just like wrestling.
Is there any scope for this field in today’s world?
Those who know to play Judo can become police officers, IAS, Forest officer, ready seat in any engineering college. And surely I want to become an IPS officer.
What motivated you to pursue this field?
Only if we have Designation and qualification, we will be respected in the society. And so I took to such a kind of sport.
Who was the first person to recognize your talent for it?
First it was my mother who enrolled me in judo. And then it was my coach who made me climb up to the nationals. And he is none other than Mr.Uma Shanker-a national referee.
At what age did you start learning it?
I started learning it at the age of nine. I was so excited and enjoyed it very much.
How much time do you spend on this?
I spend two hours a day on this a day.I wear the judo dress and wear no ornaments while practicing it.
How do you balance your interest and your studies?
I study during the free periods in the school. And after that, go to the stadium for practice.
Who was and is your source of inspiration?
Kiren Bedi-the first woman IPS officer and from her I learnt speed. And Abdul kalam.From him I learnt wisdom.
Who is your role model?
SENSAY-which means coach and he is none other than Mr. Uma shanker.
What is your favorite TV show, movie, song, food, and so on?
Song - all songs in movie PAIYAA
Food - SAMBAR rice
Can you give an inspirational quote or 'one-liner' for the students?
What is the secret for success according to you?
Hard work and regular practice is the secret of success according to me.
What are the events you consider unforgettable in your life?
When I spoke to my mom, dad and elder sister while on a journey to Delhi for participating in the nationals. It was great fun.
What is your general advice to the students?
Be friendly with all people. Treat everyone equally. And always remember”Honesty is the best policy” so be honest throughout your life.