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Ten Things Gen Z’s Teenagers are missing

April 27, 2019

1. Kite Flying:
It is one outdoor exercise that your teen would love to indulge in and even learn. Kite flying can be a
fun activity for the entire family. Once your teens experience the ins and outs of kite flying, you can
even organize family competitions.

2. Bungee Jumping:
Bungee jumping is not for the faint-hearted but your adventurous teen would love to try it once. It is
an optimal task for a vacation trip or breaks. It is a high adrenaline pumping experience for your teen
would watch you scream your heart out because of fear.

3. Cycling:
There was a moment when teens would love bicycles. Why not revive this fun exercise? You can plan
a cycling trip with your teen every occasionally. Not only is it good for fitness but also entertaining.

4. Hiking:
Select a scenic trail for your hike and your teen is likely to agree to go on the trip with you. Hiking is
also an excellent opportunity for your teen to spend time outdoors and learn to respect nature. Offer
to take his best friends along on the trip and you just hit the outdoor activity jackpot.

5. Star-Gazing:
You should not restrict your teen’s outdoor activities to the daytime. Buy them a Telescope and make
them gaze the sky, you never know, they might just discover a new star or a heavenly body. Spend
quality time with your child just gazing at the stars, identifying the constellations, learning about
meteors, asteroids, black holes, wormholes and others.

6. River Rafting:
Plan a river rafting or canoeing getaway with your children for a fun-filled adventure. It will boost
their confidence and maturity level; teach them how to coordinate with the team members when
havoc strikes.

7. Dodge Ball:
A game that involves throwing balls at others and being the smart one by dodging most hits and
yells, “FETCH THE BALL.”

8. Organic Gardening:
Softened by your youngster’s standards, but Gardening is worth a shot. If your teen loves greenery,
he or she would love this job. If you are planning to cultivate an herb garden, employ his or her help
to accomplish the project.

9. Frisbee Fun: 

Frisbee fun can make your teen’s weekends enjoyable. It is a wonderful exercise for family
celebrations or a gathering with friends.

10. Walking:
Encouraging your teen to go for long walks is a precise way of introducing him into fitness and
exercise. It is one outdoor activity trying with your teenager. How about helping grandma take a
curve around the garden? How about family walking trips in the garden before an ice cream treat at
his favourite parlour? Maybe he can go for a walk around the neighbourhood or on the beach with
the pet.