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How a Chennai based scooldudes.Com is trying to Save Children from Stress (related issues in schools)

April 27, 2019

Scooldudes introduces outdoor recreation and learning experience for young people to a territory of constructive leisure activities, which will augment their future lives, and establishes the skills and knowledge requisite for leading a contented life. Outdoor exercise adds to health, fitness, consciousness, and spiritualism. Maintaining a presence in outdoor pursuits encourages the preservation of a strong and healthy lifestyle into middle age and beyond.

Our relationship with the environment is a key issue facing tomorrow’s citizens. Active learning and adventure outdoors introduce young people to the environment in a way, which develops understanding, appreciation, awe, wonder and respect. It fosters sensitivity to the environment, helps young people to see themselves in a global context and helps to develop citizens with an awareness of the need for sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.

Tomorrow’s successful citizens will have the flexibility to wrestle with a rapidly changing world of work and the responsibility to be a practical representation of society.

Scooldudes uses a variety of energetic positive development techniques including outdoor adventure journeys alongside activities, high-level challenges alongside performance coaching processes, and future path technology to sketch out the campaigns those results with the desired conclusion. We work with each participant to identify his or her critical personal development and to create a rare, compelling and development process.
Our outdoor personal development programmes support focused personal growth using sensitive coaching processes alongside inspiring challenges to train participants towards their clearly defined ambitions. 
Such experiences “encourage us to make sense of the world around us by establishing associations between feelings and learning. They live with us into adulthood and influence our behaviour, lifestyle and work. They shape our values and the decisions we make. They allow us to pass on learning experience outside of the classroom and vice versa”.

Scooldudes specializes in the following endeavours:

Outdoor Activities for Youth Group
Adventure Journeys into the Wild
Team Challenge Events
Baking, Dancing, Singing Competitions
Outdoor Team Building Events
Charity Fundraising Events

With many activities on offer, we can change a program to suit any demand. The faculties are professional, friendly, energetic and enthusiastic to make clear both students and educators have an enjoyable vacation. The food is organic, healthy, varied and with good size servings, certain to satisfy everybody who takes part. Accommodation is comfortable allowing for a good night’s rest.