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Posted By Iris Theodore

Per Diem

Sept. 24, 2019



“You’ve got to get up every morning with Determination if you are going to go to bed with Satisfaction”-George Lorimer-an American journalist and Editor of ‘The Saturday Evening Post’

How important is a day for us?? Some call it a ‘Blank cheque’, some ‘a new beginning’, others ‘another chance’. From a Student’s perspective it will not be wrong to say that it is nothing but ‘stress’, ‘doubts’, ‘uncertainty’ and so on.

Why is it so?? Do our Students lack clarity? Are they afraid? Are they confused? Are they casual? If you fall under any of these then….

I have only one simple suggestion to all this-“Catch the bull by the horn”.

My dear Students!!

Every day is God’s gift (24 hours) to you. Open every minute with expectation, excitement and exhilaration. With resonating heartbeats look forward to how the next minute is going to unfold before you. Read the day as if you are reading a page from a Thriller! I promise you a day that just flies past in fun and you are on your bed with a smile of satisfaction and ready to call the day off.

Face the day with determination to be happy and do your best in all situation. Once your mind is set, nothing or no one can spoil it for you. When you see a grumpy face-smile, negative comment-ignore, bad attitude-brush aside, failure-try again, temptation-say no, depressive thoughts- laugh it out, hurt-forgive, cheated-learn a lesson, good work-praise, good company-enjoy-----see we have a solution to all that you might face in a normal day to day life. If still things do not work then be it so for this is the Spice Of Life and makes it more challenging and worth living.

It is human nature to look for Big solutions/remedies from BIG sources, when we have it in simple acts in us.

So, dear Students let’s be determined to face each day with a strong determination of making it go the way God intended it to be, so that we climb in our beds at night with satisfaction of having spent the day meaningfully.


Iris Theodore


Hindustan International School(Karapakkam)