Careerwise is an interactive zone for the school students provided for self-discovery, learning, and growth. All the services support the goal of doing what you love, getting better at it and making the most of your potential, for we believe that each of you is unique and needs to discover what will make you happy and successful.

The Careerwise Assessments enables the student to take this important decision scientifically so that they can choose careers that they are more likely to enjoy and excel in. This non-judgemental, non-evaluative assessment will act as a launch pad to their career planning process.

The Careerwise report which gets generated immediately on completion of the assessment would provide them with:

  • A graphical representation of their interest profile.
  • Vocational options under the dominant interest areas.
  • Detailed action Plan with access to various web resources for further guidance to help make that all important career decision.
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