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Areas of Excellence: Software Programming - G.Koushik


He has shared his exciting journey in the field of Sports for all of you @ Scooldudes.

Describe your field of excellence

I have studied three soft wares – Unigraphix (advanced versions of both NX4 and NX5), Proengineer (advanced versions of wildfire 2 and 4) and Solidworks. I am a member of the faculty at a CAD institute. I have been selected among the top 8 in the Pogo Amazing Kids awards contest and I have received the Young Faculty Award and the Young CAD Engineer Award.

Is there any scope for this in the future?

Of course! Using these soft wares new models of all the automobiles can be created since these soft wares are the basis upon which the engineering design of the model is drawn and sent for manufacturing.

What motivated you to pursue this? How did you start?

First of all I loved computers especially because they were also one type of machines. When I noticed my father working on he soft wares I had the instinct to learn from him and that urged me to study.

Who was the first to recognize your talent for it?

Who was the first to recognize your talent for it?

At what age did you start learning it?

When I was in the first standard.

How many hours do you practice everyday?

During schooldays, I practice for one hour and during holidays or weekends I practice for half a day.

How do you manage your studies and your passion?

I do efficient multi taking and proper time management.

Who is your source of inspiration?

Gandhiji because of his honesty and Abdulkalam because he did major contributions to rocket technology.

Who is your role model?

Sachin Tendulkar because I am his fan and because of his style of batting.

What is your favorite?

Dress: Coat suit Person: My Brother Book: Comic almost all

Could you please give a suitable quote for students?

Practice is the most important quality to be cultivated to achieve pinnacles of greatness in any field.

What is the secret of your success?

Interest and passion for learning softwares.

What are the moments you consider unforgettable in your life?

That I have studied three soft wares at the age of 10.

What is your general advice to the students?

Develop interest in any work you do.