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Areas of Excellence: Entrepreneurship


He has shared his exciting journey in the field of Business for all of you @ Scooldudes.

Describe your field of excellence

My field of excellence is entrepreneurship. I have won many accolades for this and I also enjoy Social Work that helps us to build the society around us.

Relevance of your field in today’s world.

The 21st century is the age of communication and development. Our country in the context is on the fast track of development and therefore I believe that entrepreneurs are going to be the catalyst of this development scheme that will not only bring economic prosperity but will also improve the standard of the society. I think if you have the skills this is the place to be.

What motivated you to pursue this field?

Well actually it was not a book on Bill Gates that inspired me to actually start my journey in this unfamiliar territory as neither of my parents nor did any family member have any clue about entrepreneurship. Then I read a lot of books on this subject met people won competitions built faith upon myself and now I am here.

Who was the first person to recognize your talent for it?

It was I to be honest... In India, coming from a middle-class and conservative family background you don’t actually get people supporting your decision to pursue entrepreneurship. I even remember that my teacher scolded me when I was planning to launch an equivalent of Virging Group of Industries in my school (laughs)... But then I was determined and when I defeated people from IIT’s and BITS and took my parents for a stay at ITC Maurya Sheraton New Delhi then they actually believed that what my son is dreaming for is correct... (laughs)

How much time do you spend on this?

It depends, when you are preparing for a competition or you are learning things over the net or just reading you have nothing fixed actually. It is not something that you can make perfect with practice but something you have to make perfect and then practice.

How do you balance your interest and your studies?

It sometimes gets a little tough but I know that till my rank is around that first,second or the third position my parents or my teachers will never complain so that is the key to achievements and success in life, “Balance”.

Who was and is your source of inspiration?

Mainly three people, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and Dhirubhai Ambani. I was really inspired by them

Who is your role model?

I believe that Bill Gates is my role model but I also draw inspiration from Sir Branson as well as Dhirubhai Ambani.

What is your favourite TV show, movie, song, food, and so on?

My favourite TV show is Ben10 and Richie Rich. My favourite movie is in English is Pretty Woman, in Hindi I really like the movie Jab We Met. My favourite song is Its My Life by Bon Jovi. I am a big foodie so I like all types of food but North Indian is something I really relish.

Can you give an inspirational quote or 'one-liner' for the students?

I would just say what Winston Churchill said to all students Never, never, never, never give up.

What is the secret for success according to you?

I believe faith and desire is the sole secret of success according to me.

What are the events you consider unforgettable in your life?

I think the day my teacher said everybody cannot be a Bill Gates was the major turning point of my life. I was doubly determined to be an entrepreneur that day. And the second would be the day I was chosen as one of the best entrepreneur of our country by ITC and got a cash prize of 100000 rupees. That day my determination was transformed into faith and now I am on course to pursue it.

What is your general advice to the students?

Do not live life as a Rat Race. Stand out of that crowed and you will always find yourself being noticed by success.