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Areas of Excellence: CEO of Seppan Entertainment ltd.


CEO of Seppan Entertainment ltd - Sindhuja.

She has shared her exciting journey of in the filed of CEO of Seppan Entertainment ltd for all of you @Scooldudes.

Describe your field of excellence

I am an animator. In animation we can do things that cannot be done in reality. You cannot release bullets from your fingers but by using animation, you can make it happen. Anyone who has a creative streak c an become an animator. Animation is quite difficult. Creativity will make you bloom in this field.

How is your profession related in today’s world?

Every single thing is related with animation. Every icon in every single electronic device that entertains us is related with multimedia. Animation is growing thousand times bigger everyday. The quality of your profession is multiplying tenfold. Computer is also running in multimedia.

What motivated you to pursue this field?

I did not venture out animation because I wanted to blossom in this field. I just had an ambition to become an animator and study in the VANCOUVER FILM INSTITUTE in CANADA.

Who was the first person to recognize your talent for it?

My father was the first person to recognize my talent in Animation and Art. I started creating designs in the computer little by little and after a period of time, I couldn’t do without it. Fastness and interest are the things I learnt in this field. I also started respecting my dad because he was trying very hard to teach me the basic concepts of Animation.

At what age did you start learning this?

10 years

How much time do you spend on this daily?

When I was going to school daily, I used to practice for 45 minutes daily. But ever since my school gave me 8 months off, I started practicing animation for 12 hours daily.

How do you balance your interest and studies?

I come back from office at 6.00 pm in the evening and from 6pm to 8 pm I attend regular tutions and then from 8pm to 9 I complete the writing homework and then off to sleep. I adopt the policy of time management effectively.

Can you give a one-liner or a quote for students?

Whatever you do, respect it and have some interest for it. Only then you can shine.

What is the secret of success according to you?

The secret of my success is practice as they say that “practice maketh a man perfect”.

Who was and is your source of inspiration?

My father is my main source of inspiration as as said before. Kumaran sir who is the head of the Tenth Planet technologies is an unmatchable source of encouragement. I regard him as the backbone of my success because of his generous nature and also for allocating a small amount of space for my company SEPPAN, in wonderful office ambience.

What is your general advice to the students?


How do you benefit out of your passion that is been converted now into a profession? Since animation involves the process of producing newer ideas and concepts on a regular basis?

Everyday is a new experience for me because everyday I communicate with new people,understand their expectations, learn and practice team management .

Everyday is a new experience for me because everyday I communicate with new people,understand their expectations, learn and practice team management .

Life should be enjoyed to the fullest. Success and failure arrive in equal proportions in our life. I enjoy every minute of failure as much as I enjoy success. And even if I succeed, I am not satisfied for I always think that I have many more to achieve in life. The word “HIGH” is my favorite word and that is why I want to always scale new heights. REACH HIGHER……………….HIGHER AND HIGHER………..

What are your favorites?

Movie - kungfu panda Song - all English songs.