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Areas of Excellence: National Level Chess Champion

Vaibhav Venkatraman

He has shared his exciting journey in the field of Sports for all of you @ Scooldudes.

Describe your field of excellence

I am a cyclist. I went on the “tour of tamilnadu”on December 25th 2010 were along with a group of participants I covered 750kms out of 900kms by cycle. I was the youngest participant in the team and also the Ambassador for this tour.

How long have you been playing?

Two and a half years.

Is there any scope for it in India?

It is mostly one for fitness. I have no idea about the scope in India.

Who was the first to recognize your talent for it?

My father.

When do you practice?

I practice for 3 hours covering 100kims by cycle every weekend.

Who is your role model?

Lance Armstrong because he has participated in the “tour day France”for many years. He is a fast sprinter and this draws my adoration for him.

What is your advice to the students?

Go Green! Don’t use plastics and promote eco-tourism. You can’t be a winner always in life. We have to lose at times. Can’t remain constant in the domain of achievers.

What are your favorites?

Person - Sachin Tendulkar. Food - Dosa and Pori. Movie - sholay T.v.show - CID

What is your ambition?

To either become a cricketer or a cyclist.

What are the events you consider unforgettable in your life?

“Tour of Tamilnadu” was an unforgettable experience since I have achieved for the first time in my life something beyond my potential.