Nature Escape Details

Mangoan Summer Camp

Starts From: May 6, 2019 20000 per person

As for the experiences for the Children on our program, we will follow strict guidelines and rules to ensure conduct and behaviour that is useful within their peer groups and co-operation with rules and safety regulations of the outdoor setting. We ensure that we follow the outbound principles of Leave No Trace, where human foot print that we leave behind and nature rules are adhered to, while we keep in mind fun and learning for our Children.
• As the children experience new things each day in the programme, they will have their own specific learning outcomes.
• There will be opportunities for peer group and with people in their environment, space for dialogue, questioning, sharing and reflecting.
• We have created a detailed day to day schedule. However while we stay with it all times, we may change plans depending on the readiness and acceptance of the group.
• Connecting and exploring outdoors, nature, wildlife, and flora fauna.
• Scope for leading, and following norms and given set of instructions.
• Mindful ways of being in the moment and having lots of fun
How to reach the venue
  1. By air: : Nearest  Airport is Mumbai- 156 kms approx. from Mangaon
  2. By train: Nearest  station is Mangoan-  18 kms approx. from Mangaon
  3. By Road: Reach Goregaon (Mangaon) and take a share auto. 8kms
  1. We have tents that can accommodate 30 people in a single batch.
  2. Morning – Juice break; Evening – Snacks & Tea; 6.30 – Tea / Biscuits
  3. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner = Buffet.
  4. We do not encourage usage of telephones on camp site. Any emergency contact, one can get in touch with the office ,We hope to provide messages to parents and updates on what’s app, As the network around the campsite is not very great will have two updates during the day one in the morning and the other late evening .
  5. There will be a small souvenir shop were participants can buy organic products and things. They will max need around 2000 /- INR For the same depends on their shopping taste.   
  6. The participants will have to be responsible for the things that they bring in, say for example camera or their books to read, any things other than this will not be entertained.
  7. No junk food allowed on the program.